Saturday, February 15, 2014

Today feels like the beginning of spring! No more winter; no more below freezing temps at night; no more having to wear 3 layers of clothing to come out to feed my ducks and no more having to immediately go back inside afterwards to my little room.

There are so many different kinds of birds that I have seen in the almost 6 months that I have been here. Besides the mallards, I have seen the huge white pelicans, grey and white cranes, American coots, beautifully red cardinals, blue birds, finches, sparrows, crows, hawks, the American bald eagles, vultures and some little birds that I don't know the name of. I remember as a young child sitting in the kitchen of my grandparents house in the Houston Heights, looking out the window at the birds that would gather at the birdbath in my grandmother's garden and my grandfather telling me the names of the birds. That house would eventually become my father's after the passing of my grandfather and thats were I spent most of my growing up years. My grandmother's garden became run down and wild but the birdbath always remained and the kitchen table in front of the window was always my favorite place to sit.


  1. yay for the warmer weather! i can also come out of the back room, lol!

  2. February 14-17 (Friday to Monday) is the 17th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). To participate, just go birding during this timeframe and make sure to enter your checklists in eBird. The GBBC was one of the first demonstrations that the internet could be used to collect bird checklists and was instrumental in the creation of eBird back in 2002. If you aren’t already excited about this weekend, this story gives some reasons why we think you should be. Working as a team, can we find 50% of the birds in the world on this single weekend?