Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My dad use to say "a bad day fishing is still better than a good day doing anything else". Now I understand that he was probably not the first to have said that but it is one of the things that has stuck with me all these years. My dad was not a great fisherman, he never had much time to fish. For most of my life he worked from 6am-10pm 7 days a week. I think he inherited the saying from his dad. My grandfather died on Christmas day 1962. He was 80 yrs old; I was 7. He loved to fish. My grandfather founded Morgan Furniture Shop in 1921 and worked hard all of his life too. But I do know that if one of his fishing buddies named Burt pulled into the driveway, he would literally have his fishing pole and gear in hand before Burt made it into the shop. They would typically disappear to Morgan's Point or Cedar Bayou for a day or two. When they came home they would cook up all the fish and invite family and friends over for a huge fish fry. What a fun memory! My grandfather Arthur Clark Morgan (Oct. 11, 1882 - Dec. 25, 1962)

My saying would be " A bad day living on the lake is better than a good day living anywhere else".  I can think of a few exceptions -  like being able to live close to my two daughters if they lived close together. I hope I still feel this way after surviving the Spring though. I envision bugs of ever shape and size not to mention being attacked by huge mosquitoes. Oh well, we'll see.

I get so frustrated feeding Hester and Arthur these days. It takes awhile to feed her since she can't come up on the land anymore. Plus these other ducks are getting more and more use to being around my bulkhead sometimes even chasing after Hester! That I find totally unacceptable!

Since I wrote that I have switched back to Cheerios. This is working much better. The Cheerio is much smaller and easier to control. Hester seems to like it better too! Another positive is that the other ducks don't like them. If one goes astray, they will very cautiously get within about 6 inches of it then turn away. Now if only I can get David not throw bread out to them. I guess in life you can't have everything...

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